Here is where you will find all the work I am doing/did associated with my Fall 2019 capstone class

The class is a marketing/production capstone that I produce multiple different projects that are assocated with marketing. In addition to marketing work I have to do an individual case study (at the bottom of this page) on a notable marketing effort. My effort will focus on the Fyre Festival.

 Project 1 Personal Marketing Plan

As I approach the end of my time in college I am continuing to figure out the best ways to market myself best for job opportunities in the future be it freelance or full' time work. The majority of my jobs and work come from people that I already know and know of me despite having a thoroughly flushed out website with porfolio pieces, bios, and an outline of the services that I offer. In this project I do a full marketing plan for myself starting with a SWOT and ending with a list of actions I will be taking through the course of this semester (and this class) to best market myself for future work and building my own personal brand.

step 1: new reel

One of the notes that I had about myself in my weaknesses is a lack of a clear reel to showcase my work. Below is an early cut of my new reel to showcase work that I’ve done. During my presentation session I got a lot of feedback and will be making nesseary edits.

 Project 2 Benjamin

Benjamin is a short profile doc about Benjamin Tamarin a Northeastern University 5th year student currently working on his capstone project. We follow Benjamin in a series of interviews throughout the process of production and view b-roll and additional footage as he films.

This profile doc has a proposed timeline of 5-7 minutes. It will be shot at 5k 1.7:1 (5120x3000) with an export at 4k 2.37:1 for an effective size of 4096x1679 released in proress422.

The postproduction duration will be limited as much of the footage will be cut as its shot and placed appropriately in the timeline as the footage will be shot at different times throughout the semester. Final export will be for a December release at the coop class screening. If they choose Northeastern CAMD marketing department may request permission to use this work on their social media platforms and website.


Benjamin Main Sequence.00_00_05_23.Still002.jpg
Main Sequence.00_00_47_15.Still001.JPG
Benjamin Main Sequence.00_00_27_16.Still001.jpg
Benjamin Main Sequence.00_01_13_03.Still003.jpg
Benjamin Main Sequence.00_02_41_10.Still006.jpg
Benjamin Main Sequence.00_01_39_13.Still004.jpg
Benjamin Main Sequence.00_02_47_18.Still007.jpg
Benjamin Main Sequence.00_02_55_02.Still008.jpg
Benjamin Main Sequence.00_05_22_00.Still011.jpg

Early Cut


Screen Shot 2019-10-16 at 10.32.05 AM.png

 Project 3 Giovanni’s

Giovannis is Northeastern undergraduate Marcus Adolf thesis documentary film currently in pre-production in Boston MA. The film follows a successful middle-class bodega/corner store owner as he shares his life story starting with the store that he worked at for 10 years, showing us his family and relationships, he has developed, and closing on the fulfilment he has of being a success.

This is a documentary with a proposed timeline of 7-9 minutes. It will be shot in 5k full format with a de-squeeze aspect ratio of 3.79:1 and effective resolution of 10240x2700, export settings will be 4k 3.79:1 releasing in pro-ress 422.

Postproduction will be relatively quick, with an assumed 5 days of shooting and no more than 10 hours of footage, Marcus plans to edit his film in real time as shoot days close and export for a December pre-release. In addition to an in-class release, distribution for the film will be through the festival circuit including student regional film festivals and national/international film festivals listed in the below section.

 Case Study Report


I will be doing my marketing case study on the marketing efforts of the now defunct Fyre Festival. Fyre, originally supposed to be a luxury music festival beyond anyones imagination on a exclusive island formerly owned by Pablo Escobar was marketed phenomenally selling millions of dollars worth of tickets and attracting tens of millions of likes and views on social media. Utilizing influencers and the power social media, Fyre went from being an unknown brand, to being the most sought after festival ticket in the world then crumbling upon its leaders fraud. My research will not be focusing on the fraud of the organizers but rather the immense success behind the social media push of the festival and the message that it sent. Going from an unknown small startup business to such a sought after product did not happen without an extremely well planned and executed marketing strategy.